Orange wifi


The equipment required : what you need ...

To navigate using Orange wifi access, go with your laptop to an Orange hotspot, ie. a place with Orange wifi access coverage (see the list of hotspots).

using Windows XP or Windows 2000*
either Wi-Fi enabled or with an IEEE 802.11b compatible PCMCIA card
equipped with an Internet browser, Netscape Navigator version 4.67 at least or Internet Explorer 5.5 at least*.

using Apple - MAC*,
the minimum version required is MAC OS 10.3 in order to be compatible with the Orange network hotspots. Airport 3.4.1 update is available on the Apple site

The use of your Intranet via Orange wifi access will depend on the security system put in place by your company. It might require the use of a specific software (VPN client) as well as remote access rights. Find out more from the IT contact in your company.

How to connect step by step :

Settle comfortably in the Orange wifi access coverage area, switch on your computer and activate your Wi-Fi equipment.

Open your Internet browser and wait until the Orange service homepage is automatically displayed.
(If this page does not appear automatically, see manual selection below )

You must now enter your ID and password on the service's homepage.

  • If you have bought an Orange wifi access pass, the ID and password are under the scratchable surface.
  • If you have Wi-Fi as part of your Orange subscription, your phone number can be used as your ID and you can get your 4-figure password by dialling #125# on your Orange mobile phone.

A small connection indicator window opens to show how much connection time you have used.

You are now connected, happy surfing !

Consult and send your emails by Wi-Fi :

Send emails by logging on to your email system from an Orange wifi access hotspot with complete ease!

Open your usual email software and read your emails, write your messages and send them straight away!

The Orange infrastructure is compatible with the email systems of Internet access providers such as Wanadoo, Tiscali, Free, Club Internet...

If you have a company email system, you will need to use a VPN solution (Virtual Private Network) to access it in complete security. Contact your network administrator.

To disconnect :

It is not enough just to close your Internet browser to disconnect :

To disconnect, click on the "disconnect" button of the connection time indicator window.

You are also disconnected as soon as you :

  • switch off your laptop.
  • remove your Wi-Fi equipment.

You can select the Orange wifi network manually :

If your equipment does not automatically recognize the network :

If you use Windows XP:

  • In the "Control Panel", double-click on the "Network connections" icon.
  • Your Wi-Fi equipment is shown as "Wireless network connection unavailable".
  • A small red cross appears on the icon.
  • Right-hand mouse-click and select "Properties".
  • In the "Wireless network connection properties", choose the "Wireless network" tab.
  • In the bottom half of the window (under "Favourite networks"), click on "Add".
  • The Orange wifi access network properties are displayed.
  • In the first field labelled "SSID", enter "orange" in lowercase. Then click on "OK".
  • Click "OK" to close the window.

If you use Windows 2000 :

  • From the "Programmes" menu, double-click on the icon corresponding to the Wi-Fi equipment installed.
  • Create a new profile.
  • In the field labelled "SSID" or "Network" (depending on your equipment), enter the network name "orange" in lowercase.
  • Then click on "OK".
  • Restart your computer.